We are wholesalers of licensed clothing and we offer articles for children and adults. Our fashion department is always on the lookout for the latest trends, and produces collections following the hottest fashions.

Our products are available at manufacturer's prices, and we always ship on time. By choosing us as your supplier, you will have a committed partner, who will help you grow your turnover.

Currently, we have in stock a new range of clothes featuring none other than the Incredible Hulk, the new of hero kids everywhere! 

Hulk is the transformed alter ego taken on by Bruce Banner whenever he is enraged or injured. His uncommon 'gift' came about when an experiment aiming to immunise humans against gamma radiation went awry.

Just like Hulk, Banner possesses almost superhuman strength, speed, resistance and regenerative powers that increase whenever he gets angry. 

The Hulk licence depicts everyone's favourite green-skinned, muscled hero. This licence is all the rage with boys, so make sure to add it in your range now.

With our low prices on Hulk items, you can adjust your own selling price to guarantee healthy profits. Place your order now, this stunning collection is what your customers have been waiting for. Wherever you may be, we take care of everything and ensure a speedy delivery.