The Minions

With their heads in the clouds and absolutely bananas, the Minions are small yellow beings that we first saw on our screen as underlings of the villain in the animation Despicable Me.


Famous in their own right, they now have their own film in which we learn more about the endearing characters of Kevin, Stuart and Bob.

Children absolutely love them, which is why you should make room for the Minions in your collection now.

Pyjamas, socks and gloves, featuring colours which include the distinctive yellow of the Minions can be found on our children's clothing wholesaler and supplier site.


Sold at manufacturer's pricesthis licence is one of the surest and most profitable out there.

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Since their first appearance on our screens, the Minions have become favourites for all the family. Their popularity soared even further with the release of their own film: A spin-off story about their background. These little yellow guys are now marching to the top spot in clothing and accessories licences.

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