We offer you, retailers and online shops, the Spiderman licence, a surefire hit that still enjoys its great success of yesteryear.


Children's clothes featuring the image of this timeless hero are available for all ages, in different sizes.

Stocking them will brighten up your shelves and attract new customers.

As a wholesaler and supplier of clothing and accessories, we offer our products at affordable prices, specifically, at the manufacturer's price.

You can give your customers the chance to relive the fabulous adventures of Spiderman. Let them put themselves in the shoes of Peter Parker for the day, and fight evil in their cities.


This license is one of the few that customers keep on choosing.

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First appearing in the '60s, Spiderman has remained one of the most popular superheroes among his admirers to this day. 

In cartoons, movies, video games and even on social networks, Spiderman is a true superstar! The license is a sure bet for years to come!

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