If there's a license that knows how to move with the times, it's Barbie.


Retailersstore managers and online stores: Brighten your shelves with clothing accessories from this enduring collection.

Delight your young female customers by offering them a vast selection of clothing printed with the image of Barbie, the pretty doll who is always fashionably dressed.

As a supplier of children's and adults' clothing with many years' experience, we offer you manufacturer's prices to defy all competition.


Barbie tops, pyjamas for girls aged 3 to 8, socks, 2-piece sets and sweaters are all available if you are looking to expand your selection.

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With more than 50 years in the limelight, Barbie remains an eternal favourite in the hearts of little girls. 

This svelte heroine is also very popular when appearing on the girls' clothes and accessories, so much so that the Barbie licence is a must-have in any girls' wardrobe.

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