Ben 10

The first time he hit our TV screens, Ben 10 was only 10 years old. Released in 2005 on Cartoon Network, Ben 10 is an animated TV series featuring young Ben Tennyson, a hero in the making still unaware of his destiny.

During a camping trip with his cousin Gwen, an intellectual, and grandfather Max, he discovers the extraterrestrial rescue capsule that will change the course of his life forever.

There he discovers the Omnitrix. This magic watch allows him to fight evil villains, and assume the forms of different aliens. By turns, Ben will take on the forms of "Savage", an alien devoid of eyes but with particularly good hearing and smell, "Biotech", a hi-tech alien, or "Spectral", a phantom alien.

The success of Ben 10 is such that the cartoon has been followed by a franchise, not to mention the two Emmy nominations the series has garnered. 

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