Disney Fairies

The true conscience of the carefree Peter Pan, Fairy Tinker Bell, with her blond bun and her little green dress, conquered the hearts of many.


Pretty, smart and audacious, every girl and even every woman can recognise herself in this tiny, enchanted beauty.

It's natural, then, to find clothes in her image and those of the fairies of the Disney universe available here!

With a license to delight girls aged 6 and up, these clothes and accessories will fly off the shelves of stores and shops that stock them.

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Well-known as the heroine of an imaginary country, Tinker Bell has risen to become one of the most important characters in the wonderful world of Disney. 

Girls are huge fans, and the animated movie Tinkerbell met with a rapturous reception. The license is intended for girls aged 6 and over.

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