Doc McStuffins

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The stories of Dr. Fluffy Doctor have not finished arousing the interest of little girls who want more than anything to heal their boo-boos and be understood by his toys. The heroine Dottie is very popular and is sold as a doll as well as licensed children's clothing and accessories.

The best licensed children's clothing for boys and girls can be found and purchased quickly on SunCity's website. We set the standard for licensed children's clothing wholesale. Our distance selling is dedicated to professionals in the textile trade. Shops, retailers, online shops, purchasing or supply managers for branded shops, find what you are looking for in our licences.

Docteur La Peluche is a licence very much in demand and appreciated by little girls. They love the innocence and overflowing imagination of Doc McStuffins and his plush toys of all kinds. Little boo-boos, need for attention, little whims, Doc takes care of and repairs everything in his little cabinet in his room. Toys are his specialty. She loves giving them a second life, pampering and pampering them in the company of the Fantastic Saviour, Squeakers, Mini-Jack, Emmie, in short, her whole little gang.

The Doc la Peluche licence is ideal for professionals specialising in the sale of clothing and accessories for little girls. It is varied, colourful and very trendy, judge by the models we present as examples.

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