Elena of Avalor

In 2016 the first season of Elena of Avalor came out. The 3D animated TV series comes fresh from the States. The Disney Chanel was the first to broadcast it in July 2016. 

Derived from Disney Junior's Sofia the First animated series, Elena of Avalor tells the story of a young teenage girl. Elena is the princess of the Kingdom of Avalor and is of a curious and daring nature.

She protects her kingdom against the frequent attacks of an evil witch. Her role as protector becomes stronger when she becomes the heir to the throne of Avalor. To fulfil her role, she must learn how to act, live and think like a princess, in order to govern the kingdom when the time comes. 

Elena's world is populated by princes and princesses, not to mention the numerous creatures: Isabel, Migs, Luna, Skylar, Francisco and Luisa. The first season contains 21 exciting episodes.

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