Looney Tunes

They are small, cute, and a little crazy besides - the Looney Toons have brightened up childhoods since the 1930s, and remain equally popular today.

Here you can find clothes featuring the likenesses of Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Sylvestre or the very endearing Tweetie, not to mention the other key characters in the cartoon.

We are a wholesaler and supplier of children's clothing and we sell at manufacturer's prices. The varieties we have on offer include long-sleeved t-shirts available in size XS to L, in pink, blue or grey.

Just like Warner Bros, this license continues to develop and grow.

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Looney Toons, the famous cartoon series from Warner Bros, has lived for several decades without so much as a wrinkle or grey hair.

Whether it is the indefatigable Bugs Bunny, the adorable Tweety, or the persistent Sylvestre, these heroes are always among the kids' favourites - which makes this licence a very safe bet for great sales!