Mickey Mouse

90 years of notoriety and Mickey Mouse remains a must for children of all generations.

The Walt Disney Company has made him a myth with his famous character, cunning and courageous, always positive and sometimes naive but still as affectionate.

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Born in 1928, Mickey helped Disney Studios to build their solid reputation. Today, Mickey Mouse is everywhere, in cartoons, in comics, and even in video games. The license of this iconic Disney hero still promises excellent prospects for the years to come.

Who doesn't know Mickey Mouse? This timeless little mouse acquires a little more notoriety over time we all love his little innocent voice, his laughter that we would recognize between a thousand and his adventures that are not dry of imagination.

With each generation, Mickey renews himself, making him one of the favorite cartoon characters of both adults and children. Mickey's little joyous frizz represents the joy of life since 1928.

Mickey Mouse lives each of his incredible adventures with his trusty band of Goofy, Pluto and Minnie. The joyful drill conveys the joy of life and the fraternal and eternal friendship.

Mickey is most certainly the symbol of Walt Disney and invents himself soldier, explorer, and lover of the beautiful Minnie. Their idyll is eternal, the little mouse wanting to be romantic, confidant, and very protective towards her sweetheart.

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Mickey has inspired many companies including clothing. Mickey's clothing and accessories are varied, numerous and highly sought after by children.

SunCity’s baby collection offers a wide variety of Mickey clothing, from pyjamas in the form of a frog to sweatshirts, parkas, pants and t-shirts. Mickey, all smiles, is patched or embroidered on these clothes

First-class, the fabric chosen is coton to ensure the comfort of our little ones, combined with polyester to ensure warmth during the winter

To buy our Mickey clothes, you have to be professional in selling children's clothing and buying them in bulk. Indeed, we only sell them to stores, merchants, supply managers, etc. who wish to expand, garnish or renew their shelves

As a result, we sell them at the same price as the manufacturer, delivered on time and without worry

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