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Representing the daily life of a typical American family, this animated series by Matt Groening has delighted fans for 30 years.

What little boy would not identify with Bart, and all his adventures?

What little girl would not dream of having the intellect of Lisa, the gifted one of the family? 

Especially exciting are the adventures of Homer, which have not lacked in variety over the years. This family man, in charge of the safety of the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant, leads an extraordinary life. Whether with his wife Marge or his friends Moe, Barney, Lenny and Carl, he has continual brushes with excitement and danger. The 28 seasons of the series take him as far afield as India, Africa, England and New York. His profession changes just as rapidly from season to season (astronaut, adviser to the Mafia boss, mattress salesman...).

Articles derived from the Simpsons, in addition to Xbox and Nintendo Wii games, are aimed at boys and girls. Retailers, e-commerce merchants or stores, choose our Simpsons license today. It will ensure your sales and reputation go from strength to strength. 

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