Who are we ?

Sun-City it is primarly any a state of mind " Trendy for Humanity ": the fashion under license for all and everywhere! Key player of the fashion under licenses since almost 25 years. The Sun-City company knew how to evolve by establishing a catalog covering all the segments of the textile market. The success of the group Sun-City rests on 3 essential points: his flexible, effective and fast team, the design of its products in phase with the last trends of the fashion and finally, the specificity which makes it a unique model in Europe, its permanent stock 365 days / year to satisfy the needs for his customers .Michel Benchetrit establishes CIE (specialized in Sportwear for man) in 1986 and will be shortly joined by his brother Henri to strengthen his activity. It is in 1989, having met Daniel Zaouï of the group AB Productions, that the company begins the adventure of the characters and develops collections in the effigy of the boys band and Mangas for children. In 2000, the fusion with DND trading (David and Daniel Taieb), one of his main suppliers and specialist of the Asian market, allows to reach licenses world-famous as Disney. The CIE DND company becomes then Sun-City and knows since the success making of her one of the European leaders of by-products textile.

Know How

The department style develops more than 5 000 models a year via the French and Asia teams who work in close collaboration. Its capacity of adaptation to the evolution of the trends and its expertise of the market make of Sun-City one of the main European actors recognized for its reactivity and the quality of its collections. Sun City saw its work rewarded by Fashion Award Disney in 2009! The set of the teams which establish Sun City in Asia is experts in textile manufacturing and work in close collaboration with the local factories. All these factories respect "Vendor Manual" understanding "Social Compliance" of Sun-City. Some of them are selected to cross a more thorough audit realized by independent international bodies (ITS, SGS, Veritas office etc.). To keep a quality level so high, these factories are audited every year.

Quality & Standards

Sun-City makes it a point of honor in the respect for the European standards in terms of quality, working conditions and environmental protection. Sun City signed the compliance certificate : REACH (concerning chemicals) in 2008. The quality of products goes through an accurate selection within the best factories, respecting existing standards in Europe (Oeko Tex or approved after Audit).

Supply Chain

Sun City works in partnership with key logistics players (French and European) who pick up daily the goods prepared in our vast warehouse. Hundred of deliveries are shipped everyday from our warehouse to all continents (27 loading and unloading platforms). The Oracle system monitors the orders and all information is available to the Sun City staff as well as clients who are connected. A live follow-up of all transactions is ensured by our internet system.